AfAS 2021: Inaugural conference of the African Astronomical Society

The African Astronomical Society (AfAS) will hold a conference which targets astronomy in Africa as well as co-regional and international collaborations in the area of science and astronomy.

Following it’s relaunch on the Astronomy in Africa business meeting, which was held in Cape Town South Africa, AfAS will hold its Inaugural conference from 8 -12 March 2021. 

The meeting will focus on the science coming out of Astronomy in Africa and cultivating collaboration among countries in Africa as well as collaborations between Africa and the rest of the world. AfAS 2021 aims to gather participants from across Africa to share research, showcase discoveries and discuss strategies for Astronomy and scientific output development in Africa. Furthermore, it will also look at attracting and retaining youth in astronomy, and strengthening the teaching of astronomy and related sciences. Read more here.

Due to the current health restrictions, the conference, hosted by AfAS from South Africa will be entirely virtual, spanning no more than 6 hours per day. Registration for the conference is now open. Click here to find out more and to register.